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 Report - "Stimulate Youth Participation In Election Process" (AAYA)

 Report date: 02.10.2003


As we know, fair elections, as the main feature of democratic society became one of the prerequisites of the new democratic system. Many NGOs and Organizations have paid great efforts to achieve of the new democratic system. Experience shows that successful democratic elections are possible only by ensuring the active participation of voters in the election process. As we know, 63% of Azerbaijan population is the youth. From this point of view, active participation of youth in elections plays a decisive role in the successful of the election process. As part of the wide range of activity being undertaken to promote the principles of Democracy and enlighten the country's young electorate, an international NGO Azerbaijani-American Youth Social Association, has focused its work on young people in Fizuli district and in its villages. Starting in July, the project involves running training seminars on topics such as voter education, role and importance of election in strengthening the democracy, principles of election and rights of citizens, election process, opportunities of society and youth on controlling the election process, the problem of passiveness of electors in Azerbaijan and role of youth in this, legislative election and comments on rules of presidential election. The program, funded by American Embassy and run in conjunction with Internews and IFES trainers, includes lectures being delivered by FSA alumni volunteers who teach democracy and civil rights to disadvantaged and disabled citizens, especially youth and help facilitate the participation of these groups in the election process. It is necessary to note that, the main goal of running these seminars is the involvement of youth and population to election in this region through realization of enlightening events here. Lessons are holding Saturday and Sunday of every week. So, training is running 2 days in every village. Realizing this project, Organization tries to stimulate citizen participation in election process explaining them election procedures.

Besides, the project included publishing of booklets, brochures entitled "Election and Youth" on election process. During the seminar in Fizuli district, different materials, brochures, pens, is given to participants of the seminar. Seminars will be till October.

After the conclusion of the training seminar will be conference on November in Fizuli district entitled "Stimulate youth participation in election process". The project will be till November.

For more information: Vugar Ahmadov, Azerbaijani-American Youth Association,

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