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 Press release - Assistance to Internally Displaced Persons & Refugees (IRD)

 Press release date: 10.01.2003


For last six months of 2002 IRD has imported to Azerbaijan 16 containers and 2 airlifts of humanitarian assistance for 4.3 million USD in total including medicines and vitamins for 2.6 million USD, medical supplies for 0.6 million USD, non-medical supplies such as clothes, footwear, blankets, newborn sets, hygiene packs and school kits for 1 million USD and food consisting of Humanitarian Daily Rations (HDRs) for 0.1 million USD.

IRD continues to expand its target area. It included four new areas and at present IRD is working in 16 regions of Azerbaijan (Ganja, Khanlar, Dashkesan, Shamkir, Gazakh, Agstafa, Mingechevir, Barda, Goranboy, Agdam, Sheki, Gakh, Zakatala, Balakan, Sumgait) and is familiar with health problems in all refugee and IDP communities of its target area.

IRD staff is highly experienced on training. All of the trainers went through TOT courses. The training materials used by IRD are based on WHO, UNICEF, CDJC, MSF and MOH standards and requirements. For last six month of 2002 IRD/Azerbaijan has trained about 800 physicians and nurses on different topics: Hypertension management; Gastric ulcer; Rational antibiotic use principles; Diarrhea management in children; Management and treatment of the acute respiratory tract infection (for physicians) and Injection protocols; First Aid; Using protection staff. In cooperation with the representatives of Azerbaijan Research Institute of Pediatrics it was prepared the lecture on "Treatment of pneumonia in children". IRD/Azerbaijan also cooperates in training process with the International NGOs like Pathfinder (in Sumgait) and Mercy Corps (in Jardimli and Lerik). IRD has trained about 120 children in the Ganga Orphanage on Personal hygiene, Dental care and Reproductive health issues for youth.

IRD/Azerbaijan is also involved in community health education. For the last 2 years IRD has printed about 1000 posters and 30 000 leaflets for communities in the all targeted areas (including IDPs communities). These printed materials intended to increase community awareness about: prevention of common diseases, hepatitis B and HIV/AIDS through the practice of proper hygiene and sanitation practices; rational medicine use and antibiotic resistance, preference of the tablets to injections, nosocomial infection's prevention, etc.

Since 1999, IRD has imported to Azerbaijan the humanitarian assistance valued at over 22 million USD in total. For more information about IRD's Emergency Medical Commodities Distribution Project, please visit web site or visit us at 96 Shamsi Badalbeyli, Suite 27/28, Baku, Azerbaijan.

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