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 Press release - Press Release (AYLU)

 Press release date: 09.04.2002

The meeting of young lawyers was held with Mr. John Porter, ABA/CEELI representative in Azerbaijan.

Dear friends,

From April 2002, Young Lawyers Union began regular meetings between Azeri and foreign well-known lawyers, public figures and members of union. The aim of meetings is not only gaining practical experience but learning the experiences and knowledge of professional lawyers. Such meetings morally help them for future development. John Porter, ABA/CEELI representative in Azerbaijan was the first guest of the meetings. Mr. Porter met the active members of AYLU and answered the question put by them. He shared with young lawyers regarding development of their practical and professional experience. The young lawyers are grateful to Mr. Porter for his advice and recommendations.


Azerbaijan Young Lawyers' Union
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Dilara Alieva str., 251
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