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 Press release - World Bank To Support Reconstruction Efforts In Azerbaijan (WB)

 Press release date: 08.11.1999

The World Bank
Resident Mission in Azerbaijan
News Release No. 2000/013/AZ

Contact: Saida Bagirova (994-12) 921-941
Leyli Bektashi (994-12) 922-807


BAKU, 9 November, 1999 Today, an Agreement in the amount of SDR 7,4 million amending the Development Credit Agreement on the Pilot Reconstruction Project was signed by Mr. Ali Hasanov, the Deputy Prime-Minister and Chairman of the State Refugees Committee, on behalf of Azerbaijan Republic, and by Mr. Tevfik M. Yaprak, the World Bank Resident Representative in Azerbaijan, on behalf of the World Bank.

This additional component of the Pilot Reconstruction Project aims to improve the living conditions and the living standards of the most vulnerable groups of IDPs through better access to basic social services and the creation of employment opportunities. The proposed additional component consists of three sub-components: (a) financing of micro-projects to support the rehabilitation of small-scale infrastructure; (b) support for micro-enterprises; and (c) institutional support for the Social Fund for the Development of IDPs in Azerbaijan (SFDI). This fund will be established as an autonomous agency reporting to the Cabinet of Ministers.

The SFDI will fund the rehabilitation of basic social and economic infrastructure and provide support for micro-enterprises in response to requests from local community and non-governmental organizations. More specifically, the SFDI would support:

  • small public works to rehabilitate basic small scale infrastructure, such as water supply and sewerage facilities, that can result in immediate improvements of the living conditions of IDPs;
  • community development, such as the rehabilitation of social infrastructure, training and organizing of communities to improve basic education and primary health care;
  • generate employment through financing of labor-intensive public works and support for micro enterprises in the form of grants, training and technical assistance to micro-entrepreneurs; and
  • efforts to strengthen the capacity of the Azerbaijani authorities, local NGOs and community groups to prepare projects for the SFDI, to coordinate donor assistance to IDPs and attract for further financial support for the SFDI.

Since Azerbaijan joined the World Bank in 1992 and IDA in 1995, commitments total approximately US $370 million for 12 loans.

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