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 Program Resume - Children Aesthetic Centre (CAC)

 Duration: 28.02.2000 - present
 Location: Baku
 Sectors: Education

Children Aesthetic Centre
Children of the 21st Century

Local Non-governmental, non -profit organization.

The centre ` s mission is to keep children off the streets by occupying their time with various cultural activities.

The aim of the Centre is to bring nearer a young generation to the values of World` s Art, to bring up aesthetic apprehension of the World, democratic spirit in them. The Centre is functioning since February 1998. This Centre provides a systematic aesthetic education program to local children. Children have an opportunity to improve their art skills, enhance their culture awareness, and learn English. Interesting talks on the topics of ecology, astronomy, economy, psychology and children rights are discussed here.

We are celebrating holidays, children` s birthdays, staging performances in foreign languages, holding actions that develop the best human characters in children. The centre has an overwhelming amount of success, with a great deal of enthusiasm from the children.

The method of bringing up the children is not concluded in boring lessons, but in achievements of goals through joy, which we trying to give to the children, through all good and kind that every child has.

Our biggest achievement is a gold medal of Kanagava competition of Children` s Arts which is taking place in Japan yearly and our boy Elchin got it. Besides that our children are taking part in all festivals and competitions worldwide. Our last anniversary we celebrated by organizing a big exhibition of Children` s Art, which was held in Azerbaijan Miniature Centre.

With support of humanitarian organization Save the Children we held an exhibition and selling of children` s art on June 1999. Many organizations supported our efforts by purchasing the artwork displayed. On gained money we had an opportunity to purchase new art supplies for our children (paints, brushes, and canvas). Well-to-do parents, governmental-public organizations, and humanitarian funds support the activity of the Centre.

On the 24th of September Children's art Exhibition was held at the Art Salon. It was organized by a local non-governmental organization "Children of the 21st Century" and an international development organization "Save the children". Proceeds went to Turkish earthquake victims fund.

On the 26th of December "Children of the 21st Century" held New Year carnival at the Center of Miniature. The children demonstrated their knowledge. They acted various performances in the English language. Children Art Exhibition was held there as well. Little painters demonstrated their fancy dresses made by their own.

Future plans.

We are in touch with the society Bakili established by our compatriot Mr. Ashraf Heybatov in Germany city Koblenz. In near future we are planing to organize an exhibition of Children` s Arts in Koblenz city.

We are going to expand the activity of our Centre through organizing groups of carpet weaving, making gobelen and organizing fito-design lessons.

We are planing to organize an International Competition/Forum of Children `s Art as well.

We are eager to collaborate with children organizations worldwide to share our experience and knowledge in how to make children happy.

We accept orders of Children` s Arts for decoration of ceremonies, meeting rooms, design of publishing books, magazines, wall papers, calendars.

February 28, 2000

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