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 Program Resume - Overview of AHAP Shelter Sector (MC)

 Duration: 31.08.1999 - 29.11.2002
 Location: Agcabedi
 Sectors: Shelter
Shelter construction
Shelter repair

Updated September 1, 1999

Shelter Type SSU & PBR PBR SSU SSU, community infrastructure,
Location Imishli, Saatli, Beylagan, Kurdamir Sumgait (27 PBs) & Baku (9 PBs) Agcabedi & Barda ex-Turkish camps & Tar Tar Goranboy villages of Todan, Tapgaragoyunlu, Shafag
Purpose Improved living condition & access to primary services for 15,500 IDPs & formation of communal structures Basic standards of safety, sanitation & weatherization Provide materials/expertise to build safe shelters, improved sanitation and a stronger sense of community To improve and sustain the community infrastructure for 7664 individuals residing in three villages of Goranboy. To provide them with adequate home and community infrastructure
Persons served SSU 2,250 persons   4,000 persons 93 families living in severely damaged homes 107 families living in minor damaged homes
Families served SSU 600 families   800 families 5 families living in severely damaged homes
# of PBR 30 buildings (90 % IDP occupancy) 36 buildings (70% IDP occupancy)   3 multifunctional health post, 3 schools reconstruction, and 6 community infrastructure structures to be constructed
Persons served PBR 3,400 persons 11,228 persons   one warehouse rehabilitated
Families served PBR 800 families 2,495 families   3657 returnees live in acceptable conditions with adequate standards of safety, sanitation, and winterization
Cost/Family SSU


  $1,040 per family  
Cost/Family PBR



Match relative to total cost



None 7664 people have access to clinics, drug supplies, and public showers
% of AHAP target SSU




% of AHAP target PBR



Jobs/Person days Self-help 540 jobs for 19,500 person days Self-help projects  

Other Interventions

600 Mud Brick shelters constructed   800 Mud brick shelters constructed 3,657 individuals will have improved access to water
30 PBs rehabilitated 36 PBs rehabilitated   279 individuals will access new latrines
90 CATs formed and functioning 36 SWGs formed and functioning 32 CATs formed and functioning 20 community Infrastructure micro-projects elaborated
150 hand pumps installed   180 hand pumps install 15 supply sources rehabilitated
400 latrines constructed   500 latrines constructed 3 irrigation schemes implemented
    300 latrines rehabilitated 3 community action teams established
67 micro-projects implemented to serve additional community needs 144 craftsmen access toolkits 25 self-help micro-projects launched  

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