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 Program Resume - Participatory Agricultural Project In Azerbaijan (Land O Lakes)

 Duration: 01.03.2002 - 01.03.2003
 Location: Baku
 Donors: USAID
 Sectors: Agriculture


The Participatory Agricultural Project in Azerbaijan (PAPA), funded through March 2003 by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), is a three-year initiative that seeks to increase sustainable economic growth in Azerbaijan. By helping the country to revitalize its agricultural sector, PAPA is designed to help diversify the economy beyond the high-profile oil and gas sectors, and in doing so, to enable individuals nationwide to increase their incomes and boost their spending power.

In order to achieve these objectives, the project incorporates a number of components aimed at improving production and processing in the dairy and livestock sectors, as well as in the hazelnut processing industry. These components address subject and geographic areas identified through three project studies: a Participatory Rapid Appraisal (PRA), which surveyed producers and processors nationwide, a competitive analysis of agricultural products, and a trade sector study. These studies also led to the choice of Zagatala, Guba, and Ismailly rayons, as well as the greater Baku area, as geographic focus areas for project activities.

The project's components include:

Dairy Production

  • Training in improved forage production, feed formulation, and herd management practices for cows, beef cattle and small ruminants
  • Technical assistance in animal health
  • Practical training in improved milking practices
  • Technical assistance in milk collection systems


  • On and off-farm dairy processing
  • Hazelnut processing
  • Cottage industry dairy processing development
  • New product development
  • Packaging

Marketing and Distribution

  • Individual consultations and training in identifying new markets
  • Establishing and strengthening links between producers, processors, wholesalers and retailers

Association Development

  • Assistance to dairy processors and hazelnut processors in organization of national trade associations
  • Assistance to dairy and hazelnut producers in organization of local farmers' associations to address common interests
  • Training to established associations in management, budgeting, activity implementation, reporting, proposal writing
  • Work with dairy farmers to investigate opportunities for the initiation of joint marketing groups to increase quality and sales of their processed dairy products

Market Information Services

  • Establishing and maintaining market information services to address information needs of the dairy and hazelnut industries
  • Disseminating this information through project publications and other media

Financial Management

  • Providing producers with training in record-keeping and cost analysis
  • Assisting producers and processors in assessing opportunities for expansion of their operations and developing business plans and credit applications
  • Collaboration with lending institutions and potential borrowers to facilitate contacts between them

For further information, please contact:

David Blood, Project Manager
Phone: (99412) 936-662, 939-453
Fax: (99412) 939-453
28 May Street 4, Apartment 2
Baku, Azerbaijan 370014

March 2002

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