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 Program Resume - United Nations Development Program/The Ministry of Economic Development of the Republic of Azerbaijan Business Support Center (UNDP-MED BSC)

 Duration: 01.01.2000 - present
 Location: Agcabedi
 Donors: UNDP
 Sectors: Education
Micro-enterprise development

Non-profit organization established by UNDP and The State Antimonopoly Committee in 2000 within the framework of the project “Support for SME-s in Azerbaijan”. The purpose of the center is to develop the sector of small and medium sized enterprises.

Our mission - to promote and consolidate the SME sector in Azerbaijan by providing business consulting and financial support services. We aim to achieve not only short-term success, but also long-term competitive advantage for our clients. Our center provides the following services:

  • Provision of business consulting services for entrepreneurs;
  • Preparation of business plans, feasibility studies, marketing plans;
  • Preparation of financial forecasts and financial analyses;
  • Preparation of studies and various publications on the development of private sector;
  • Delivery of training seminars to groups of identified entrepreneurs, especially to women in business and craftspeople;
  • Assistance in the start-up and development of new business;
  • Provision of loans to small enterprises under a pilot credit scheme;
  • Assisting local SME-s in obtaining finance from various available sources.

Our seminars planned for 2000 are:

1.13-24 June 2000 – “Business woman”/ Balakan, Zakatala, Gakh, Sheki
2.28-30 June 2000 – “Training of trainers” / Baku
3.3-7 July 2000 – “Training of trainers” / Agjabadi District
4.12-13 July 2000 – “Start-up of business and registration process”/ Baku
5.16, 26 July 2000 – “How to get a loan” / Baku
6.6 September – “Bookkeeping and Accounting”/ Baku
7.27 September – “Basics of business planning”/ Baku
8.12 October - “Basics of marketing”/ Baku
9.25 October – “Effective communication and promotion techniques ”/ Baku
10. “Modern selling techniques”/ Baku

Some of the above-mentioned seminars will be delivered for entrepreneurs, others for NGO-s.

Our lists of participants are still open and interested entrepreneurs are welcome to contact us to the following coordinates:

3001, Tbilisi Avenue, Baku, Tel/Fax: 31 36 87/ 31 44 45 E-mail:

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