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 Program Resume - Livestock Restocking And Animal Husbandry Program (RI-SOL)

 Duration: 01.01.1995 - 01.01.1996
 Location: Baku
 Sectors: Agriculture


A program of provision of livestock to IDP and Refugee families was initiated beginning in 1995 to provide this vulnerable group with access to a continuous and reliable food source, increase family income from sales of animal food and non-food by-products, and provide micronutirent intake for children from milk products and meat-based iron.

Project Rationale and Objective:

  • The project of "Emergency Assistance to Internally Displaced Families in Establishing Sheep Production" is intended to the technologically appropriate methods for the household economic independence of beneficiaries, and to reduce reliance on external food assistance;
  • To provide a sustainable source of income for beneficiary families in the foreseeable future;
  • To serve as an important source of micronutrient intake for children at high risk of anemia and other micronutrient deficiencies;
  • To increase the social standing and psychological confidence of women through productive work and ability to generate family income.

Project Activities:

  • Since 1995 866 R/IDP families in 7 districts of Saatli, Imishli, Beylagan, Agjabedi, Agdam, Barda, Ter-Ter, have received 4,330 sheep and fodder;
  • Selection of beneficiary displaced families based on several criteria including, experience with sheep herding or other livestock, access to grazing land, and number of children in family;
  • To ensure a sustainable herd size is developed and maintained therefore a minimum of five sheep were provided to each family;
  • Provision of free vaccination and other veterinarian services, including veterinarian medicines, by an RI hired-veterinarian;
  • Provision of free fodder to beneficiary families on a short term basis.

Project Impact:

  • A 48% rise in the livestock population achieved in the project within an 8 month period;
  • Family income generated from the production of wool threads created income for IDP women from the sale of knitted stockings during winter seasons and production of blankets, mattresses, and woven carpets or rugs as well as food by-products for sale in the local markets;
  • Household use of non-food by-products such as knitted socks, jackets, gloves as well as food by-products such as cheese and meat for all family members;
  • Social status and psychological confidence of participating women raised due to ability to generate income and provide food for family members.

* program is completed


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