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 Program Resume - Internews Azerbaijan Program Description (INTERNEWS)

 Duration: 01.01.1997 - present
 Location: Baku
 Donors: OSI-AF
 Sectors: Community development

General Information

Internews Azerbaijan is a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) which serves as a training center and clearinghouse for non-governmental TV broadcasters in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Internews Azerbaijan is registered with the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan as the Azerbaijani branch of Internews Network, an international non-profit with organizations in sixteen countries, including ten in the CIS.

Internews Azerbaijan opened its office in Baku in January 1997 and now employs fourteen persons. Internews stays in close contact with all non-governmental TV stations in the country and assists them in every possible way.


Internews Azerbaijan organizes seminars to increase the skills of personnel of non-governmental stations in various areas of TV work. Seminars conducted so far covered such subjects as: Legal Aspects of Non-governmental TV, TV Management, Advertisement Sales, TV News Journalism, and Computers and Graphics.

In 1998, Internews Azerbaijan plans to hold a new series of seminars for TV journalists including such topics as TV Management, TV Journalism, Economic TV Journalism, and Computer Graphics.

In addition, we organize on-site residencies at selected TV stations during which experts from the CIS and the West provide in-depths training for journalists.

Legal Assistance

Internews Azerbaijan has hired a staff lawyer who consults TV stations on legal issues concerning their registration, licensing, and operation.


Internews Azerbaijan assists non-governmental TV stations in the country to obtain licensed programming, mainly through "Open Skies", a program facilitated by Internews Russia. Under this program, Internews provides a weekly two- to three-hour feed of documentary programs versioned into Russian.


Internews Azerbaijan, in cooperation with the non-governmental TV stations in the country, produces a weekly news-program, entitled Hayat (Life), which it distributes throughout the country.

In cooperation with Internews Armenia and Internews Georgia, Internews Azerbaijan produces the weekly program "Perekrestok" (Crossroads), which contains pieces from all three countries on political, economic, social, cultural and other issues. Non-governmental TV stations in all three countries broadcast the program.

Internews Azerbaijan also produces pieces for "Anatomy of Feelings", a series which is broadcast as part of "Open Skies".

Technical Assistance

In order to assist local TV stations that don’t have the means to acquire new equipment, Internews Azerbaijan has provided TV equipment like tripods, cameras, and editing suites. Internews Azerbaijan helps TV stations find and purchase the equipment they need and repair damaged equipment.

Internews has provided non-governmental TV stations with computers and software to enable them to be in touch with each other and exchange information and experience via e-mail, and also to produce computer graphics to improve the quality of their programs.

Internews Azerbaijan’s technical team consults the stations on technical questions and on computer issues.

Internews Azerbaijan's work has been funded through grants from USAID,
The Open Society Institute, the TACIS Democracy Programme,
and the Carnegie Foundation.

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