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 Program Resume - Information on the projects implemented by HAYAT in 1997-1998 (HAYAT)

 Duration: 01.01.1997 - present
 Location: Ismailly
 Donors: UNHCR
 Sectors: Agriculture

In 1997 Hayat implemented two projects funded by UNHCR - "Shelter" and "Sheep".

The objective of shelter project was to provide single families limestone houses to the IDP-Refugee families who were living in inadequate conditions (dug-outs, ramshackle shanties etc.).

Besides that in order to provide the IDP residents of the newly constructed single family units with access to sanitary facilities there were constructed latrines (each shelter has a latrine nearby) in the selected area with the accordance of the number of constructed shelters.

There have been also made external electrical installation as well as basic electrification of the limestone houses.

Totally in 1997 HAYAT constructed 70 shelters and 70 latrines in Sabirabad region.

The objective of "Sheep" project was to provide IDP/Refugee families with past experience in keeping of animals with the means to re-engage themselves in a small scale sheep rearing activity and to provide beneficiaries with economic incentives to utilize the assistance provided for other economic spin-off benefits such as sale of wool and milk

Besides that in order to ensure control over epidemiological and sanitary management of domestic animals all distributed sheep were vaccinated.

Totally there were distributed 3 020 sheep and 177 900 kg of fodder (oats) to 604 IDP/Refugee families in Ismailli, Kurdamir, Ujar regions.

Over the past 13 months (beginning since February 1997) Hayat in partnership with Mercy Corps International implemented a US government - funded Public Building Repair project in Baku. The aim of the Project was to rehabilitate 46 degraded buildings in Baku housing IDP families.

The targeted IDP population segment included those facing near-certain long-term displacement from the contested area of Azerbaijan namely from Shusha, Lachin, Zangilan, Kelbajar and Gubadly. Targeted buildings are located in 5 districts in Baku.

The MCI-Hayat project benefits 4 329 IDP families including 7 290 children who had been forced to flee their homes during the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. The objective is to improve living conditions and encourage the community to participate in the repair work, maintenance and upkeep of the buildings. This project was over on the 3-rd of April 1998. Besides that Hayat is currently distributing quilts and seeds received from UNHCR among the beneficiaries of "Sheep" and "Shelter" projects.

Since 05 May 1997 up to these days Hayat has been implementing NGO Migration sector development Project (NGO MSDP). The NGO MSDP is a joint initiative of International Organization for Migration and Hayat. The overall goal of NGO MSDP is: to significantly assist in the strengthening and self-development of the Azeri National NGO migration sector in a manner consistent with the principles declared in the CIS conference Programme of Action.

With this purpose Recourse Center for NGO’s working on migration issues has been established. Being created for the development of migration sector in Azerbaijan and for the increase of the NGOs’ activity with the financial support from International Organization Migration (IOM), the Resource Center for NGOs, dealing with migration problems started its activity in May, 1997 within the frames of Humanitarian Organization HAYAT. It provides its services to Azeri NGOs. They cover: access to data base library, opportunity to receive consultations, holding seminars, setting contacts.

Aims of Resource Center are the following:

  • to organize a public library and information center on NGO working on migration issues
  • to collect database about the Azerbaijan NGOs, international NGOs, funds, social and research institutions and more information in migration sector in world wide.
  • to organize training courses
  • to organize seminars and conferences focusing on the migration and refugees problems.

A key component of the NGO MSDP was the establishment of the Small Projects Fund for national NGO’s in the migration sector. Granting round was announced in October 1997. Through this fund which is managed by HAYAT several promising National NGO’s got an opportunity of accessing through a competitive proposal creation and review process, modest funding for specific proposed activities that support the CISCONF Programme of Action and the National Implementation Plan.

With the purpose of discussing and rating projects submitted by local NGO’s which would like to take part in granting round the representatives of the following organizations took part in two Board meetings held on 22 December 1997 and 13 January 1998: IOM, Save the Children, NRC, Hayat, UNHCR, ISAR, OSI (Soros). In accordance with unanimous decision of the Board members the projects of the following local NGO’s have been granted: "Sanya", Women and Development center and Mothers Society "Umid" - Helsinki Citizens Assembly national committee.

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