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 Job - VET Expert (full time, 100%) (GIZ)

 Duration: 07.07.2017 - 23.07.2017

Project 'Modernizing Vocational Education and Training (VET) Centers in Azerbaijan

Implemented by: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)GmbH

Private Sector Expert (part time 70%)

Location of the project office – Gabala, Azerbaijan

Application deadline: 23.07.2017

The EU financed project „Modernizing Vocational Education and Training (VET) Centres in Azerbaijan“ is focusing on the introduction of a dual oriented VET System in selected sectors in the VET schools of the Gabala/Ismayilly/Gakh region.

The overall objective of the project is to increase the attractiveness and labour market relevance of VET in the fields of agriculture and tourism. The specific objective (outcome) of this action is to establish dual-like VET pilots in the field of agriculture and tourism at 3 VET centres in Gabala, Ismayilly and Gakh districts.

The project is focusing in this frame on the achievement of the following results:

Result 1: Strategic positioning of the 4 VET centers developed

the selected VET schools will be supported in elaborating a strategic concept, which will contribute to a better positioning towards prospective students and the private sector in line with strategic goals of the government in the field of VET and economic objectives.

Result 2: Strategic partnerships with the private sector (dual-like VET) in the 4 VET centers established.

The project will jointly with the schools and the private sector identify suitable cooperation formats, in line with the strategic framework as developed under Result 1.

Result 3: Competence-based curricula and learning materials for the VET centers in 2 sectors with high labour market relevance  developed and piloted

Based on the strategic orientation of the VET schools (Result 1) and the first feedback from the private sector consultations (Result 2), the project will then work on the participatory development and pilot-testing of four curricula that reflect the labour market needs in the priority sectors of tourism and agriculture.

Result 4: Demand-led VET training for prospective entrepreneurs and vulnerable groups established

Beyond students studying for initial VET, the project will also address specific vocational training needs of prospective entrepreneurs and selected vulnerable groups (youth and adults who have not learned any profession, with a special attention to women, unemployed and underemployed people)

Your tasks:

  • Preparation and supervision of project activities and studies / needs assessments on private sector involvement and cooperation mechanisms
  • Assistance and monitoring of the development and implementation of action plans and activities in close consultation with counterparts
  • Support to cooperation, regular contact and dialogue with private sector partners, assistance in PR work and cooperation with the private sector in the action and with other projects to improve and maintain good working relationships
  • Design, preparation and implementation of private sector consultation mechanisms and other action events
  • Contribution to reports and documentation
  • Development of quality assurance measures and necessary changes, improvements and initiatives
  • Contributing to innovation and knowledge management
  • Communication of local interests and efforts, forwarding these and encouraging the sharing of ideas and information for the benefit of the action


  • masters/MSc in an area that is related to the project/programme objectives, with a focus on a relevant field
  • experience in framework conditions for private sector development and private sector involvement in VET
  • at least 5 years’ professional experience in a comparable position
  • Experience in the implementation of EU financed projects
  • very good working knowledge of ITC technologies (related software, phone, fax, email, the internet) and computer applications (e.g. MS Office)
  • fluent written and oral knowledge of the English language

Qualified candidates are kindly asked to send their applications by e-mail to:

Please indicate the name of the position (Private Sector Expert) you are applying for in the subject line of the email.

Please be advised that only shortlisted candidates will be invited to the further stages of the recruitment process.

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