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 Job - Technical Account Manager (HCB)

 Duration: 11.07.2014 - present


Technical Account Manager

Key responsibilities 

  • Control customer technical account management and escalation of technical issues
  • Work with existing dissatisfied customers and move them to a more positive satisfaction level
  • Coordinate with different units within the company to maintain communication strategy
  • Work and build strong partnerships to ensure that technical issues are handled quickly and appropriately
  • Log communication on corporate complaints
  • Provide work analysis and recommendations on improvement of customer management
  • Support new sales opportunities
  • Analyze performance and quality network reports
  • Submit project reports

Work terms

  • Work place: Baku, Azerbaijan
  • Occupation: Full time


  • Education: Bachelor degree in Telecommunications, IT, Electronic Engineering or Business  Administration
  • Work experience: 2 years in Telecommunications
  • Languages: Azerbaijani, English and Russian
  • Computer skills: MS Office




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Mobil: (055) 669 68 89
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