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 Event - Finance and Advice for Women in Business Women in Business Training Workshops (EBRD)

 Duration: 13.03.2017 - present

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Finance and Advice for Women in Business
Women in Business Training Workshops

From Entrepreneur to Enterprise
Be an agent for change in your business


19-20 April and 17-18 May 2017, Baku

From Entrepreneur to Enterprise is a four day training workshop that will be held in Baku on 19-20 April and 17-18 May 2017. If you are leading your business and you want to take your organizational development skills to the next level, this workshop will help you get there.

The course gives a complete overview of organisational development and corporate governance skills and how to use them to make your business a long-term success. It shares essential skills, resources and techniques for effective leadership and management of women-led enterprises.  Through the four-day training, you will learn:

  • to understand organizational development definition and concept, corporate culture and values

  • to improve organisational skills and identify prevailing organization culture in your organizations

  • to understand legal environment / how to improve organisational structure setting skills

  • to plan strategically succession and/or corporatization and/or restructure family business

The course is specially designed for women entrepreneurs. The course is organised into two training sessions of two days each, with a break in between. This gives you time to test the things you learned in the first session and bring your own lessons learned to the second, and means you don’t need to be away from your business for too long.  While the first session concentrates on organisational challenges and corporate governance for small businesses, the second concentrates on practical aspects of introduction of right procedures and processes and managing work and life balance.

The course is based on international best practice and wide-ranging expert knowledge. The course is interactive and includes practical exercises and real life examples. The trainers are all experienced entrepreneurship experts and leaders, who have seen the difference that organisational development can make.

The training will be delivered by Gulzar Guliyeva and Ilkin Garayev, experienced practitioners, who know what it takes to successfully lead a company and inspire company growth. The training course participation fee is AZN 205 per course (4 full days) and the course will be delivered in Azerbaijani language. The price includes training hand-out materials and refreshments. Deadline of payment for participation is 29 March 2017.

For additional inquiries please send an e-mail to or call us on + 994 12 497 10 14 or + 994 12 497 64 72



This project is funded by the EBRD, the European Union, Sweden
and the Early Transition Countries Fund

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